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Alarm Permit Application (Free)

  1. The Code of Ordinances of the Borough of Denver requires all burglar, fire, and/or other emergency alarm system users to apply for an Alarm Permit from the Borough of Denver for all alarm systems. A separate permit is required for each alarm system. The information in the permit application is intended to help the Borough locate responsible parties in the case of an emergency or if there are problems with the alarm system.

    Please complete and submit the form. Your permit application will be reviewed by Borough staff and either returned to you for correction or approved. If approved, a copy of your permit will be returned to you for your files. That copy acts as your permit. A copy of the permit also should be given to your alarm company after being approved by the Borough of Denver. If at any time you have any questions about your permit, please contact the Denver Borough Municipal Building at 717-336-2831.

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