Access some of the most frequently requested forms from the various Borough departments.

For the on-line Forms listed below please click 

* Streetlight Problem.
* Dog Park Incident Form
* Water System Complaint Form


 click the links below to print paper copies of these Borough forms


* Application for Employment
Volunteer Position Application

Code Enforcement
*  Composting Facility Access Card Application
*  Solicitation Permit Application
*  Temporary Storage of Unlicensed and/or Uninspected Vehicle Application
* Yard Sale Permit Application

*  Real Estate Interim Settlement Application
*  Rental Permit Application

Park and Recreation
2021 Pool Membership Application

Public Records
*  Public Records Inspection and Duplication Policy and Application

Public Safety
*  Alarm System Permit Application

Shade Trees
*  Permission to Plant a Shade Tree Application
*  Shade Tree Removal and Pruning Permit Application

*  Snow Removal and Depositing Application
*  Street Opening Permit Application
*  Temporary Dumpster Permit Application
*  Temporary Parking Permit Application

Stormwater Applications

*  Stormwater Management Exemption Application
*  Stormwater Management Small Project Application
*  Stormwater Management - Minor Stormwater Management Plan
*  Stormwater Management - Major Stormwater Management Plan

*  Cocalico Appeals Board Permit Application
*  Construction Code Permit Application, Instructions, and Inspection Companies
*  Zoning Hearing Board Application
*  Zoning Permit Application and Instructions