Woody Yard Waste Recycling

Woody Yard Waste Recycling


The Borough also provides a municipal site located at Main Street and 8th Street for Borough residents to deposit woody yard waste including brush, tree limbs, leaves, and grass that originate in the Borough of Denver for composting.  The site is located at the Denver Borough Lot, 800 Main Street.  Disposal of trash, large appliances, tires, etc. is not permitted at this site.


Access Cards for the Borough Lot are available for purchase (one per dwelling unit) by residents in the Borough at an annual cost of $15.00 per card.  Access Cards that are lost or damaged will have their access code terminated by the Borough.  Residents can purchase a replacement card at a cost of $10.00.


To obtain an Access Card, Borough residents can complete a “Borough Lot Card Access Application” and submit the application and payment of $15.00 to the Denver Borough Municipal Building.  To accommodate residents who work outside of the Borough during normal business hours, copies of the “Borough Lot Access Card Application” can now be completed on the Borough’s website, and the fee can be either mailed or placed in the Municipal Building drop box, made payable to the Borough of Denver, or paid online.  The applications will be processed, an access card will be coded and activated, and the access card will be mailed to the resident for use at the Borough Lot.


Access to the Borough’s Composting Site now will be limited to residents who obtain an active “Borough Lot Access Card” and who follow the rules and regulations delineated below:


  • Only residents of the Borough of Denver who have an active “Borough Lot Access Card” may deposit grass clippings, leaves, brush, tree trimmings, and branches at the Denver Borough Composting Facility. 


  • The Denver Borough Composting Facility shall be open to the public according to the following schedule: 

(1)  May 1st through September 30th         -         7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

(2)  October 1st through April 30th            -         7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Commercial and contracted landscaping companies and organizations are prohibited from depositing materials at the Denver Borough Composting Facility.


All yard waste deposited at the Denver Borough Composting Facility must originate from within the Borough of Denver.


Materials are required to be placed in the areas designated by the signage, i.e. Grass Clippings and Dirt; Brush, Branches, and Tree Trimmings.  Signs located at the facility provide directions for the materials.




Anyone caught dumping or depositing unauthorized materials at the Denver Borough Composting Facility shall be reported to the East Cocalico Police Department at 717-336-1725 for prosecution.  Unauthorized dumping or the sharing of your access card may result in the Borough revoking your access rights to the Borough Composting facility.


Any person convicted of dumping or depositing of any illegal, toxic, or unauthorized items at the Denver Borough Composting Facility in violation of these rules and regulations may be sentenced to pay a fine not to exceed $600.00 plus the cost of prosecution for each and every offense.


If you lose your Access Card, a replacement card may be purchased from the Denver Borough Municipal Building at a cost of $10.00.  Your original card will be deactivated and will no longer be able to access the gate.


If you have any questions regarding these regulations or the use of this Composting Facility, please contact the Denver Borough Municipal Building at 717-336-2831.