Snow Control

Snow and Ice Control

The Borough of Denver has an area of approximately 1.1 square miles inside the Borough limits and approximately 15 miles of streets. It is the Borough’s intention to meet the needs of our residents and travelers by providing safe street conditions during snowstorm events. The primary goal is to provide the best service possible in the most efficient manner at the lowest cost to the taxpayers.

Snow Plowing

The Borough’s Public Works Department provides winter maintenance and snow removal services to all Borough and State roads in Denver.  Streets will be plowed when the snow accumulates to two (2) inches or more and the snow continues to fall.  Snow emergency routes and major arteries will be cleared first.  Streets feeding the main arteries will be cleared second, with all other streets third, and Cul-De-Sacs and alleys cleared last. Please click on the following for the Borough’s Public Works Snow and Ice Control Plan.  


Property owners are required to remove and clear away or cause to be removed and cleared away snow and/or ice for a path of at least 30 inches from your sidewalk within 24-hours after the finishing of any snow, sleet, or freezing rain event.  Also, it is unlawful to deposit snow and/or ice on or immediate next to a fire hydrant or on any Borough public street or highway. If there is a fire hydrant on your property, please remove the snow piled around the fire hydrant.  This will assist the Fire Company in case of an emergency. 

Please note, if you encounter a sidewalk that is not cleared of snow and ice as per the guidelines of the ordinance, please contact the Municipal Building at 336-2831 to report that property.  When calling, please provide the address and street name of the property. 

Also, if you see a snow emergency on the Borough streets, please report this problem to Municipal Building. Borough staff will forward the list of hazardous areas to the Public Works Department for immediate attention.

Lastly, if anyone is interested in helping a senior citizen or disabled resident clear his or her sidewalk or driveway, please contact the Municipal Building and leave your name and telephone number.  The Borough staff will forward that information to any senior citizen or disabled person who contacts the Municipal Building seeking assistance.