Street Sweeping

Denver Borough annually contracts with a professional street sweeping company to clean the Borough streets. The program is scheduled during April of each year and is completed during a two (2) day cycle with the northern section of the Borough completed first and the southern section completed on the second day. Prior to the sweeping, the Public Works Department posts the various street with “No Parking” for the day(s) and times that they are going to be swept.

The Public Works Department also empties the trash receptacles located on Main Street in the Business District on a weekly basis.

In 2022, the Borough has contracted with Central PA Sweepers for the third consecutive year to provide street sweepers and operators to sweep all Denver Borough streets totaling 16 road miles (32 lane miles) including all paved alleyways, the Denver Borough Municipal Building parking lot, and the Denver Fire Company parking lot.  Listed below is a summary of the street sweeping schedule for 2022:

May 9th and May 10th - Odd Side

May 11th and May 12th - Even Side

The 2022 Denver Borough Street Sweeping Program is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 9th and Tuesday, May 10th, with the sweeping of the ODD number side of the streets.  On Wednesday, May 11th and Thursday, May 12th, the EVEN number side of the streets will be swept.  The Public Works Department will begin posting the Borough streets with No Parking signs beginning on Thursday, May 5, 2022.  

Please note, the 2022 Street Sweeping Program will be conducted the same way that it was conducted in 2021.  Please note this change if you will be parking on the streets during the street sweeping days to avoid causing disruptions to the street sweeping program and being issued a parking ticket.

The street sweepers also will sweep all paved alleyways in the Borough, the Municipal Building parking lot, the Recreation Center and Scout House Parking lots, and the Denver Fire Company parking lots. Your cooperation with parking in accordance with the schedule above will be most appreciated and will enable the street sweepers to provide a more thorough result.