Water System

About the Denver Borough Water System

The Denver Water System is a public system which supplies water to its approximately 3,900 residents. The water sources for this system consist of four (4) wells and the Cocalico Creek.  Withdrawal from the Cocalico Creek is treated by a surface water treatment facility.

Presently, the average daily water use is 221,593 gallons per day, based on the daily use reports for 2022.  The four (4) wells are the primary source of water for the system.  The Cocalico Creek serves as a reserve water source to be used on an emergency basis.  

Wells #1, #2, #3, and the water treatment facility pump water to a 250,000 gallon Collection Reservoir located on Reinholds Road, north of Denver Borough. From the Collection Reservoir, stored water is pumped to either of the two (2) 750,000 gallon Storage Reservoirs located east of the Collection Reservoir.  The water is treated as it is pumped from the Collection Reservoir to the Storage Reservoirs. The finished water in the Storage Reservoirs supplies the distribution system via gravity flow.  Water from Well #4 is treated and pumped directly into the distribution system and also supplements the supply to the Storage Reservoirs.  The distribution system is divided into a high pressure zone and a low pressure zone.  Water is fed into the low pressure zone from the high pressure zone and is controlled through the use of pressure reducing valves.

The water level in the 750,000 Storage Reservoirs govern the operation of the system.  As the Storage Reservoirs levels drop, the high service pumps at the Collection Reservoir activate or Well #4 activates and finished water is pumped to the Storage Reservoirs. The activation of the high service pumps and Well #4 is controlled by an Autocon control system.  The Autocon control system allows the operator to select which water source will be used to supply water to the Storage Reservoirs.  For example, the Autocon system can be programmed to activate Well #4 at night with the high service pumps serving in a back-up role.  This mode of operation could be reversed for daytime operation.  When the high service pumps are activated, the water level in the Collection Reservoir begins to drop.  As this level drops, Wells 1, 2 and 3 activate to pump raw water to the Collection Reservoir.  The well pumps activate in an order preset in the Autocon control system. 

Withdrawal from the Cocalico Creek through the filtration plant is manually activated and is used as a reserve source on an emergency basis.  The Borough’s Public Works Department is responsible for all water system operation, maintenance, and distribution.

Water Conservation Fact Sheet (PDF)

Public Water System Complaint Form (PDF)