Zoning Hearing Board


The Zoning Hearing Board meetings are open to the public. The Zoning Hearing Board meets at:

  • 7:00 p.m.
  • Fourth Wednesday of every month (as needed)
  • Denver Borough Municipal Building 
    501 Main Street
    Denver, PA 17517 


The Zoning Hearing Board is responsible for reviewing and making decision on the following issues: appeals from a decision made by the zoning officer, challenges to the validity of the zoning ordinance or zoning map, and requests for variances and special exceptions.


The Zoning Hearing Board’s three (3) members are appointed by Borough Council and each serve three-year terms. Current members include the following:
  • Roy Rakiewicz Jr., Chairperson
  • Michael Gensemer, Vice Chairperson
  • Jeff Hershey

Alternate Members

  • Adam Webber
  • Vacant


  • Anthony Kilkuskie, Attorney
  • Joan High, Secretary


Download the Zoning Hearing Board Application to find instructions and guidelines for appearing before the Board.